Literature in its many guises, be it creative writing, scholarship or an act of reading, by and large defines my professional interests and creative passions. By choice and some serendipitous prompting, I find myself at all times being a writer, a keen reader, a hopeful literary scholar and an enthusiastic linguist, ready to learn a new language for a sheer pleasure of reading an obscure foreign book.

Born and raised in the vast lands of Russia, I have spent some of my formative years in Germany and the UK, absorbing the cultures, devouring the literatures and finding my own path along the way. At present this path has led me to writing short stories and essays, translating fiction and poetry and experimenting with voice and form. To date, I have collaborated with varied publications and companies, including OFF Strand, Metal Magazine, Crispy Point, White Label Travel, Russian Fashion Blog and osome2some, and continue to explore new ventures as a freelance writer, essayist and all-round conversationalist.


If you would like to say hello, ask a question or discuss a commission, you can reach me at ev@evdorofeeva.com.